Man’s best friend

From German Shepherds to King Charles Spaniels, and Golden Retrievers to Yorkshire Terriers, the domestic dog and its ancestors have been loyal companions and friends, who have stood firmly by our sides, and most certainly held dearly in our hearts for a huge amount of time.

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Better dog breeding

Although things are starting to slowly change, and progress is being made in certain areas as general awareness begins to spread and grow, there are still some huge and very important issues that need to be dealt with as a priority when it comes to dog breeding.

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Worldwide situation

Please be warned we’re not going to pull any punches here, so some of the details may be a little hard to handle, however we believe that it’s important to understand the dog’s position in today’s world so we can all make educated, considered and correct decisions!

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My family and I just hadn’t realised how much work was involved in getting ready for a new puppy, the checklists became utterly invaluable to us, simply brilliant!"

"If you're looking for a puppy then Puppy Paws is an absolutely essential app to have in your toolkit!"

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Puppy Bathing

Posted by Puppy Paws on Apr 26, 2015

Puppy bathing Young puppies get rather messy when weaning from their mother’s milk onto puppy food and also when toilet training, which makes hygiene washes and puppy bathing a very important part of caring for a young and developing puppy. Your puppy’s breeder will...

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Your Puppy Search

Posted by Puppy Paws on Oct 4, 2014

So you’ve decided you’d like to be a puppy owner, which of course will bring you much fun, laughter and happiness over the years, and is really exciting but obviously a fairly big step to take. However considering the amount of care, commitment and cost involved...

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Puppy Walking

Posted by Puppy Paws on Sep 14, 2014

Early puppy walking socialisation A young puppy cannot be taken or walked in public places until fully vaccinated as they will not be protected against potentially life threatening diseases. This is very important as an unvaccinated puppy may become seriously ill if...

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Finding a puppy can be quite a task; add to that all of the preparation that is needed to be ready, and that’s before the real work begins once you and your new puppy are at home together.

Puppy Paws allows you to compare puppies you’re interested in, prepare for the home coming day so both you and your new puppy get off to the best start, and helps to educate about the use of puppy farms and traders with an aim to help eradicate this awful practise whilst promoting better dog breeding in general.

So whether you’re looking to adopt a puppy or young dog from a rescue shelter or perhaps considering buying a puppy from a responsible breeder, Puppy Paws helps every step of the way.

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